NoVOS Forum Stockholm 2017

A scientific meeting concerning state of the art in orthopaedic surgery.
Stockholm January 27-28 2017.


Invited guests

Bernadette Van Ryssen. Dr. Professor. Ghent University, Belgium.

Ewa Roos. Professor, Head of Research Unit for Musculoskeletal Function and Physiotherapy,
University of Southern Denmark.

Michael Kjaer. Clinical Professor, Sports Medicine and Surgery, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tendon tendinopathy

What is tendinopathy? - Michael Kjaer

Primary flexor tendinopathy of the canine elbow: An important differential in elbow disease. - Bernadette Van Ryssen

Tendinopathy in the canine shoulder joint: A case report. - Silvia Jauernig

Treatment modalities in tendinopathy: What is the Evidence? - Michael Kjaer


An update on Osteoarthritis. - Ewa Roos.

How to prevent prosthesis in OA patients - an evidence based approach.
Strategies in treatment of ACL and meniscal lesions - surgery or structured rehabilitation. - Ewa Roos.

Canine total hip replacement (THR): Challanges and results.
          The medium and large dogs. - Ole Frykman
          The toy breeds and cats. - Fredrik Danielsson

How I manage....

- elbow disease. - Bernadette Van Ryssen.

- pelvic fracture in dogs and cats. - Peder Haaland.

- CCL ruptures in small dogs and cats. - Dorthe Hansen.

- combinedCCL rupture and medial patella luxation in small dogs and cats. - Sune Jerre.

- metacarpal/metatarsal fractures. - Jarmo Rintasalo.

Challenges and failures in Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic cases. - Gustaf Svensson.

Carpal joint injury. - Henriette Ström.

Bone biopsy. - Ken Lindeblad.

Research, reports and cases. (Guests/Forum members)

Pallitative radiation therapy of dogs with osteosarcoma.
Pernille Holst, DK. A study in the residence program in oncology. Copenhagen University, Denmark.

Joint infections.
Alexandra Vilén, SE. A study in the Swedish specialist program in surgery.
Evidensia Specialistdjursjukhuset, Helsingborg, Sweden.

An orthopedic case story.
Thomas Wright, NO. MRCVS, GPCert (SAS). Namsen Dyrehospital, Norway.