NoVOS National Meeting, Oslo 2016

Dear NoVOS Colleagues

Thank you for a very nice and interesting NoVOS meeting in Oslo. Our first National NoVOS meeting in Norway. We were around 20-25 participant including the NoVOS Group. Approximately 16 NoVOS members took part in the dinner Friday evening.
We enjoyed the nice environment and treatment by the Anicura Dyresykehus, Oslo and found that this meeting is a good and promising concept for the national forum meetings in the future (short meeting at a local hospital). In general we were very happy with the response from our Norwegian colleagues attending the meeting. Many of our colleagues who were not able to attend also showed interest in attending meetings like this in the future.
You can see the final programme, notes from one of the guest lectures and a photo of some of the participants .

We are thankful for the financial support from our sponsors to the meeting:

1. Orion Pharma
2: Scandi Orthopedic AB
3. Merial
4. Merck/MSD: MSD Animal Health Norge

A scientific meeting concerning state of the art in orthopaedic surgery.
AniCura Dyresykehus Oslo, January 15 2016.

Invitation and program

Invitation and program.


THR small breeds and cats - Fredrik Danielsson

Epidemiological, aetiological and prognostic aspects of canine primary bone cancer - K. P. Anfinsen